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SimBin Developer Spotlight – Alex Koda

Posted by William Marsh


SimBin Studios has released their latest Developer Spotlight, taking a look at Alex Koda. Alex is responsible for creating the paint schemes featured in RaceRoom Racing Experience, and has even had work featured on real cars! He was also the founder of Koda Factory, hotspot for a lot of sim painters.

Alex was just snagged by SimBin this year, and has been put to work at recreating real life liveries for the many cars available on R3E, including the Chevrolet Corvette Daytona Prototype, currently in development. The spotlight also gives you a look at Alex’s backstory, and how he got into racing. I won’t spoil the blog for you, but you can read it here. Below is also some schemes utilized by real teams that Koda has designed.

You excited to see Koda team up with SimBin? What do you think about the direction the developer has been heading lately?

NOTE: The Flying Lizard livery is from rFactor’s EnduRacers mod, but was designed by Koda. It’s just too cool not to mention!


  • Leeman

    This is good news. Some of the fictional skins for R3E are just awful. Most notably the Vet and Porsche. For the most part, all the fictional skins are terrible, in my opinion. Very cartoonish. Hopefully Alex will bring more professional looking liveries to this sim.

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