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Simbin Developer Spotlight – Feels3

Posted by William Marsh

Simbin Studios has released a Developer Spotlight on one of their new Track Artists, Wojciech Kedzierski, better known to the community as “Feels3″. Feels3 was responsible for the development of many tracks for rFactor2, including Poznan, Croft, and Putnam Park. Last year, he was hired by Simbin to develop tracks for RaceRoom Racing Experience. Simbin’s Insider Team had the opportunity to sit down with Wojciech for a behind the scenes look at how it is to work for the Swedish developer.

A notable topic that came up was the newest track in development, Sonoma Raceway. Opened in 1968 as Sears Point Raceway, the track features multiple configurations, and hosts series such as NASCAR, IndyCar, and the WTCC. The track features various elevation changes and a wide variety of turns, sure to provide a challenge to racers.

The interview with Wojciech Kedzierski is available here. What do you think about Feels3 developing quality tracks for Simbin? Do you think that we could see Feels3 developed tracks in GTR3 if it comes?

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